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About the Brand

Here is a message from crbn founder, Garrett:
Hi, I'm Garrett

And I, like many others, play far too much pickleball. I quickly found myself deeply involved in the sport, and as my skills progressed, I became increasingly unsatisfied by the selection of paddles on the market. After trying almost every brand of paddle, I couldn't seem to find the right combination of shape and material that felt right to me. So I decided to make my own. After some serious research, I discovered carbon fiber to be the ultimate material for faces and cores of pickleball paddles as it provides incredible stiffness, which translates into optimum power and control. From there I applied it to the shape that I felt worked best for my style, and thus, CRBN was born. This paddle completely changed my game, and I'm confident that it will do the same for others.

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CRBN Paddle Cover
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