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The Best Paddle Pickleball Backpack Quantity
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  •  Bag Dimensions: 13" x 14.7" x 24.4 inches" (Width x Depth x Height)

  • Bag Weight: 55 oz (empty)

  • Carries 10-15 Paddles

  • Thermoplastic Polymer


The Best Paddle Pickleball Backpack
The Limited Edition black and white pickleball paddle backpack.  This is the best bag you can have in pickleball to carry all of your gear!  With three large areas, you can carry up to 10-15 paddles, shoes, water bottles, balls, etc.  It also has 3 smaller zipper pockets to store small sized items such as your phone, car keys, or wallet.  Our bags are made out of polyurethane leather, which is a high-quality artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer.  This back also resists rainwater to help protect your items.  Show up to your local pickleball court with the best pickleball backpack!


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About the Brand

The Best Paddle - Backed by Jamie Foxx!

More power, more control, and more winning. The Best Paddle provides high-quality paddles at affordable prices. Whether you are a first-time player or a seasoned professional, The Best Paddle is for anyone that is looking to better their skills at pickleball and look good while doing it. Seeing coordinates on your The Best Paddle? These numbers (longitude & latitude) pay tribute to where pickleball was first invented. Which was in Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA. The signature line is an area where you can sign your own paddle. Why do they do this? Three reasons. The first reason found, by signing your name on your "best paddle", you are committing to playing your best! The second reason is they liked the look after you sign it. And the 3rd reason is you'll see a lot more of The Best Paddle on the courts, never forget which one is yours.


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The Best Paddle Pickleball Backpack
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