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When it comes to pickleball paddles, JustPaddles is the place to shop. Whether you are looking for carbon fiber paddles, pickleball paddles under $100, or youth pickleball paddles for kids, we have a full selection for you and the pickleball players in your life.

Pickleball is a paddle sport that takes aspects from tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. People love pickleball because it is great physical exercise, requires strategy, and is very social. All you need to get started are pickleball paddles, a few pickleballs, a net, and an opponent.

How to choose a pickleball paddle for beginners?

Make sure you gear up with every pickleball player's essential piece of equipment: the pickleball paddle. Choosing the best pickleball paddle for you will be determined by your skill level, preferred materials, and desired paddle weight. Our Paddle Coach makes finding the perfect paddle a breeze.

What types of pickleball paddles are there?

Pickleball paddles are designed for Beginners, Intermediate players, and Professionals. Common face materials are carbon fiber, composite, graphite, or a hybrid blend. Learning the benefits of these types of materials will ultimately improve your game.

Why should I buy a pickleball paddle?

Each paddle has variables (materials, weight, shape, etc.) that play differently on the court. Owning a pickleball paddle develops a familiarity that will improve your game.

Consider your skillset when purchasing a pickleball paddle. From our player-first customer service to the best paddle deals online, shopping at JustPaddles is always a winning choice.

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