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Carbon Fiber Face Pickleball Paddles


Carbon fiber face pickleball paddles are the newest face material to be present on pickleball paddles and tend to have the largest sweet spot. Most manufacturers have just started using carbon fiber or are in the process of developing carbon fiber face pickleball paddles. Carbon fiber is incredibly stiff and the stiffness helps provide incredible control on where the ball goes. Carbon fiber is lighter but stronger than steel, and as a result, carbon fiber is used in items such as race cars and space shuttles. Pickleball paddles that use a carbon fiber face are a great option for players looking for fewer mishits and can help provide a more true shot. Carbon Fiber pickleball paddles can take a hard hit shot and return the pickleball back with a hard shot, or they can take speed off and return back a soft shot. Each one of these paddles tends to be some of the most durable and best pickleball paddles on the market.

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