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Diadem Premier Power Neon Outdoor Pickleball 50-Pack Quantity
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  • USAP Approved!

  • Average Weight - 0.924 oz

  • Power Ball is the official ball of Power Pickleball

  • 50 Pack


The Diadem Premier Power Pickleball known as the Power Ball is the official ball of Power Pickleball, the fastest-growing pickleball competition encompassing leagues, tournaments, and clubs. This USAPA Tournament-approved ball is the new standard in single-mold seamless construction. Utilizing an incredibly durable plastic, the hard material and 40 equal size holes make it ideal for outdoor play. This ball is considered a fast ball due to its hardness which places it in the upper end of the USAPA allowance. Bangers, dinkers  and cold weather players have seen this ball last in all conditions and create a consistent feel.


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Questions and Answers

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About the Brand

Diadem was founded in 2015 with a single goal in mind - to develop the most innovative, high-quality tennis products in the world to help players maximize their performance. They found that the tennis industry had become stagnant, with very few brands that were challenging the status quo. With a team made up of former collegiate and professional players and coaches, Diadem set out to develop new and exciting products that catered to players of all levels looking to elevate their game. In 2019 they decided to change the game again by taking their strategy and engineering into Pickleball. As their team moved from playing tennis every day to playing Pickleball they realized the growth in this new sport was here to stay.   
As the last American racket sports brand, all of their products are designed and developed in their global headquarters located in the heart of the hottest tennis market in the country - Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their extensive research and rigorous testing process ensure that every product developed meet superior levels of quality. Through their combined 100+ years of experience as tennis players pickleball players and coaches, they have identified challenges in the industry where tennis equipment has failed its players and developed the solutions to overcome those challenges.

Their flagship paddle, the Icon, is truly innovative with a surface that will provide more spin than any paddle currently USAPA approved. Their R&D team is currently working on two more paddles and an entire line to accompany them.

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Diadem Premier Power Neon Outdoor Pickleball 50-Pack
Accessories Pickleballs
Vendor Diadem
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