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07/31/2021 Breaking Down the Pickleball Court Looking to build your own court? We are going to break down the pickleball court! Starting with the first court on Bainbridge Island, adding pickleball court lines to an unused tennis court, even where to go to set up your own pickleball court at your own home, and where to find a court to play on near you! ... Read More »
07/26/2021 Pickleball Glossary We have compiled a list of terms used at pickleball courts across the country for you! From slang, court positioning to the equipment we have assembled a list for new pickleball players wanting to understand the game or experienced players updating their lingo. Have a term that we missed? Let us know, as pickleball gro... Read More »
07/18/2021 Pickleball Paddle Grips Why is the pickleball paddle grip so important to your game? Well, it is what you hold throughout the duration of your pickleball matches and controls the paddle through your play.... Read More »
07/08/2021 Top 8 Pickleball Paddles As pickleball players, we are always looking for a competitive edge on the court. Our Paddle Experts have compiled this list of the best pickleball paddles!... Read More »
07/02/2021 How to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle Cleaning your pickleball paddle is quick and easy! With a few small, preventative measures, your pickleball paddle will play to its full potential and last longer!... Read More »
06/29/2021 Pickleball Paddle Breakdown | Player Type What type of pickleball player are you? Are you looking for more maneuverability around the kitchen? Maybe you’ve soared the backline on a 3rd shot? Tennis elbow starting to creep up again? A touch pickleball paddle should be in your hand before you shout “Pickle!” at your next match.... Read More »
06/22/2021 Pickleball Paddle Breakdown | Material Want to know what your next pickleball paddle should be constructed of? You're not alone! This is one of the most asked questions that our Experts take on a daily basis. Without further ado, let's dink right into it.... Read More »
06/18/2021 What to Bring to a Pickleball Tournament Wondering what to bring to a pickleball tournament? Check out this ultimate guide for a full list of pickleball equipment!... Read More »
06/10/2021 When is Pickleball Season? As the heat starts to turn up, you may notice a few things across the country - kids are out of school, pools are open, and most importantly, pickleball is being played!... Read More »
06/02/2021 Why Is Pickleball Called Pickleball? Have you ever wondered how the sport of pickleball got its unique name? Learn the origin story of the pickleball name as our Paddle Experts break down their research!... Read More »
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