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01/31/2023 How To Serve In Pickleball Learn everything you need to know about serving in pickleball from the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles. We're here for you from Click To Court!... Read More about: How To Serve In Pickleball»
01/24/2023 How To Warm Up For Pickleball A few dinks isn't cutting it anymore. Find the perfect warmup for your game and body to be ready for the competition! Follow our warm up for the court and don't start slow with JustPaddles! ... Read More about: How To Warm Up For Pickleball»
01/06/2023 Stacking In Pickleball Explained Stacking in pickleball can give your team the needed position to win the match. Stop the switching and stay stacked to keep you and your partner in the position to win!... Read More about: Stacking In Pickleball Explained»
12/30/2022 Why You Should Have A Backup Pickleball Paddle Always be ready on the court! If your paddle isn't feeling right, not playing well, or breaks unexpectedly, a backup pickleball paddle can save your day and match on the court.... Read More about: Why You Should Have A Backup Pickleball Paddle»
10/25/2022 Why Changing Speeds In Pickleball Is Important Getting stuck in a rut of always third shot dropping might just be making it easier on your opponents! Being able to change the speed of not only your third shot drops, but also mid-rally will keep your opponent on their toes. ... Read More about: Why Changing Speeds In Pickleball Is Important»
10/07/2022 Pickleball Lesson Plan Not seeing improvement on the pickleball court? Instead of playing games everyday devote some time to practicing your craft. We've created a Pickleball Lesson Plan to take your game to the next level. ... Read More about: Pickleball Lesson Plan»
09/23/2022 The Most-Common Pickleball Injuries & Remedies Like any sport, the potential for injuries in pickleball is present but there are preventive measures you can take to prevent injury. The Paddle Experts at JustPaddles cover the most common.... Read More about: The Most-Common Pickleball Injuries & Remedies»
08/17/2022 A Guide to 5 Key Pickleball Drills The best way to improve your pickleball skills? Consistent drills! Check out this complete guide to essential drills to practice the game we all love.... Read More about: A Guide to 5 Key Pickleball Drills »
08/11/2022 10 Pickleball Strategies To Improve Your Game So you’ve caught the pickleball bug and want to boost your game? Learn to pickle like a pro with this strategy guide from the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles!... Read More about: 10 Pickleball Strategies To Improve Your Game»
06/29/2022 How To Find Pickleball Courts Near You You have a pickleball paddle, some pickleballs, and a new pair of pickleball shoes. Now where do you play? Our Paddle Experts are here to help find a court near you!... Read More about: How To Find Pickleball Courts Near You »
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