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Pickleball Terms

04/06/2022 What Is Kinetic Technology In Pickleball? Do you swing a ProKennex pickleball paddle? Here's everything you need to know about the one-of-a-kind technology that is built into each of their paddles. ... Read More about: What Is Kinetic Technology In Pickleball?»
03/15/2022 What Is DUPR In Pickleball? Ever wonder how the DUPR rating system works and what exactly it does? Our Paddle Experts break down everything you need to know!... Read More about: What Is DUPR In Pickleball?»
03/05/2022 Pickleball Paddle Cores | The Ultimate Guide Fiberglass composites, high-grade graphite, top-performing carbon fibers, and other high-performance materials. Here is everything you need to know about paddle cores!... Read More about: Pickleball Paddle Cores | The Ultimate Guide»
02/05/2022 Different Shapes of Pickleball Paddles Ever wonder why there are so many different shapes of pickleball paddles? Our Paddle Experts break down pickleball paddle shapes and which player benefits from each the most.... Read More about: Different Shapes of Pickleball Paddles»
01/21/2022 What Is a Blemished Pickleball Paddle? Blem paddles, short for blemished paddles, come with a slight cosmetic flaw that will not affect performance. Learn more and shop these models today at JustPaddles!... Read More about: What Is a Blemished Pickleball Paddle?»
12/06/2021 What Is A Third Shot Drop? As your game advances you may have noticed a couple of things: one the game is played at the kitchen line and two, the third shot may be the most important shot in pickleball, especially when it comes to extending your time on the court.  So...what is the famed ‘third shot drop’?... Read More about: What Is A Third Shot Drop?»
10/02/2021 Common Pickleball Questions Head to any pickleball court and you will hear words, phrases, and rules that will not be said anywhere else. For players just entering the sport, this can cause major confusion. Don’t worry - we’re here to help! Below we have compiled a list of the most common pickleball questions, along with the answer you are lookin... Read More about: Common Pickleball Questions»
08/31/2021 Pickleball Paddle or Racket What is one phrase in pickleball that makes you cringe? For us, it’s ‘pickleball racket!’ The phrase has always made our skin crawl but then, we took a moment to consider the question - are pickleball paddles really rackets? ... Read More about: Pickleball Paddle or Racket»
07/26/2021 Pickleball Terminology & Glossary Our Paddle Experts have compiled a list of terms used at pickleball courts across the country for you. Learn more and read the article today!... Read More about: Pickleball Terminology & Glossary »
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