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What Is DUPR In Pickleball? Experts Explain

What is DUPR in Pickleball

If you’ve watched a professional tour event recently, you’ve likely seen court signs and advertisements or even heard announcers talking about the “DUPR.” But what is DUPR? What is it used for and how is it going to be a “game-changer” for pickleball? In this article, the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles explain DUPR in pickleball. At the end, you can listen to our interview with recently retired DUPR CEO, Jill Braverman, where she joins our pickleball podcast Zero Zero Start to walk us through everything you need to know about DUPR's exclusive pickleball ratings system. Now, let's dive in.

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What is DUPR In Pickleball? 

In short, DUPR stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating. It is owned by fellow pickleball addict Steve Kuhn, and the DUPR is a rating system that can be used by anyone, from amateurs to professionals, and can be used for everything from local games to PPA tournament play.

How does DUPR work, and how is it calculated? 

The DUPR is an app that calculates your rating by taking into account your performance against other players. Sounds obvious, right? What sets the DUPR apart is its algorithm that calculates a 4-digit rating that increases or decreases depending on your opponent’s rating and the score of the match. For example, if you have a rating of 4.213, and your opponent has a rating of 4.394, and you’re able to pull off an “upset,” the DUPR considers that you beat a better opponent and will raise your rating. Alternatively, if you play a lower-rated player and lose or have a very close match, your rating will likely decrease. The DUPR system really digs deeper into the scores of the match and the 4-digit rating of your opponent to calculate your rating. 

The moral of the DUPR-rating story is: don’t take any points off! A bigger margin of victory and victories over higher-rated players is the key to maximizing and increasing your rating.

What do you get with a DUPR membership? 

  • Access to other players' ratings
  • Direct messaging to other DUPR members
  • Access to your win-loss record, ratings, match history (both singles and doubles), and results analysis
  • Advanced analytics

The DUPR has committed itself to being the premier rating system in pickleball. They have worked closely with pro players like Ben Johns, Rob Nunnery, and others to fine-tune their algorithm to calculate the most accurate rating system in pickleball. If nothing else, it’s worth downloading the free version of the app to tinker with and see how you stack up to your local players or help accurately place you in your first event.

Interview with former DUPR CEO Jill Braverman


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