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HEAD Pickleball Paddles


HEAD Pickleball Paddles

HEAD, a pioneering sports brand established in 1950, is renowned for its cutting-edge equipment and apparel across various sports, with a focus on racquet-based activities like tennis and in recent years pickleball. HEAD has become a dominant force in the pickleball community, boasting associations with top players like Andre Agassi and Novak Djokovic. The brand's commitment to innovation and quality extends to its wide range of sports equipment, including top-of-the-line HEAD pickleball paddles. 

With a legacy of pushing boundaries in design and technology, it's no surprise that HEAD stands out in the realm of pickleball paddles, offering players unparalleled performance and precision on the court.

HEAD Pickleball features the Gravity, Radical, and Extreme line of paddles for every player on the court - Their most advanced pickleball paddle to hit the market being the HEAD Radical Nite Pickleball Paddle.

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There are four main HEAD pickleball paddle shapes

  • Diamond Control: Wider face for accuracy and precision.

  • Dynamic Power: Balanced design for versatility in power and control.

  • Elongated Power: Longer face for increased power and reach

  • Massive Sweet Spot: Enlarged hitting area for improved forgiveness and consistency

Is there really a difference between pickleball paddles? Absolutely! With JustPaddles, you can compare common types of paddles and learn how to pick the right pickleball paddle for you.

Furthermore, here’s a look at each part of the cutting-edge technology used in HEAD pickleball paddles:

  • FoamedCore - to improve power, control, and feel

  • Extended PowerCore - for maximized power and forceful shots

  • SpinOn - high friction coating for an impressive spin

  • Sweetspot Power Core - thick low-density polypropylene core for soft but powerful impact

  • Hybrid HS - Hybrid Hitting Surface with graphite and composite fibers for overall power, control, and stability

  • Extreme 3D Spin - tri-axial pattern to maximize spin and precision on shots

  • Handle Stabilizer - specialized reinforcement solution to create superior handle strength and dampening 

  • CST (Control Stabilizer Technology) - optimizes the torsional stability of the paddle, even in lightweight models

  • Weight Distribution System - Reduced vibration resulting in optimal precision and great feel

  • Carbon HS - Carbon/Graphite Hitting Surface for superior feel and increased control 

  • Lightweight Surface - to improve maneuverability and responsiveness

  • OTC - Optimized Tubular Construction of the polypropylene honeycomb

  • Extreme Spin - enhanced spin potential and control during gameplay

  • Ergo Grip - new ergonomic PU foam handle to improve grip and comfort

  • Comfort Grip - Specially formulated EVA material for a softer feel that dampens vibration

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