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What Is a Blemished Pickleball Paddle?

What Are Blemished Pickleball Paddles

What exactly is a blemished pickleball paddle? Also known as a blem, you may see blemished pickleball paddles available on JustPaddles from premium manufacturers like Engage, ProLite, Gamma, and Pickleball International, and you may wonder what they are. Blemished paddles are pickleball paddles that have minor cosmetic imperfections that occurred during the manufacturing process.

These paddles have a slight cosmetic flaw, but otherwise, have the same performance as unblemished paddles. These imperfections may include a subtle color inconsistency (like the one pictured below), a nick, a smudge, or any number of other minor imperfections. Some of these imperfections are so small that they are barely noticeable. So, rest assured that you’re still getting a top-performing pickleball paddle that can help you dominate your local courts!

So, why would you choose a blemished paddle over an unblemished one?  The answer is simple. When purchasing a blem, you're guaranteed a discount. That's right. Get the same great paddle with a slight cosmetic imperfection for a fraction of the price. In some instances, you can save over 20% off the regular retail price. 

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