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Engage Tour Outdoor Pickleball 12-Pack Quantity
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  • Enhanced neon green color making it easier to pick up optically for faster reaction time and improved playability.

  • Single Consistent Hole Diameter and Spacing.

  • New harder polymer composition with improved manufacturing techniques

  • This is a completely re-designed ball for all playing levels, especially the more advanced / tournament level players.

  • Quieter with less vibration

  • USAP Approved for Tournament Play


Engage Tour Outdoor Pickleball 12-Pack
Take it out and the wrapper and see your game improve! The newly improved Engage Tour Pickleball has been upgraded to fit the modern-day game. Enhanced color for a quicker reaction time and improved playability. A single consistent hole diameter and spacing for a play that will feel the same no matter which ball out the bag you grab. A harder composition and improved manufacturing techniques allow for longer and harder play. Longer time on the court with the same ball! Redesigned for the advanced players looking to spend more time on the court. Approved for tournament play! 


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Questions and Answers

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About the Brand

Engage Pickleball is a US-based manufacturer that takes Pickleball paddles to the next level.  Every single step of the Engage paddle production process is done, right here in the United States.

From design to innovation everything is done by Engage engineers. Engage is always working with  US-based suppliers to come up with new core components and processes.  Engage then take all this into our own manufacturing plant to design, engineer, and build the leading edge paddles with our own in-house technicians.

Why does Engage do all that they do this when most paddle manufacturers outsource their paddles to OEM manufacturers overseas?  It's simple.  Engage wants to ensure the quality and workmanship in every paddle we make, and the proper 'quality controls' and procedures are in place.  The end result.  Technologically advanced paddles for advanced play.

When Engage designs a paddle, it goes through a rigorous and thorough testing process to ensure it plays, lasts, and withstands the punishment.  All of our paddles comply with the USAPA guidelines and are listed and approved for sanctioned tournament play.

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Engage Tour Outdoor Pickleball 12-Pack
Accessories Pickleballs
Vendor Engage
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