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GAMMA Chuck Outdoor Pickleball 48-Pack Quantity
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  • Free Shipping!

  • Official Ball of DUPR Rating System

  • USA Pickleball Approved

  • 38 Hole Pattern creating consistent flight & bounce paired with superior durability.

  • 38 holes instead of 40 makes it the only ball on the market with a completely symmetrical hole pattern, providing guaranteed true flight

  • Your New Favorite Pickleball Companion

  • Engineered to withstand temperatures at both ends of the outdoor spectrum


GAMMA Chuck Outdoor Pickleball 48-Pack
GAMMA is thrilled to introduce its latest pickleball creation, The CHUCK. This incredible ball is named after Chuck Vietmeier, the Director of Product Marketing at GAMMA. Chuck had the foresight to recognize the rising popularity of pickleball a decade ago, even as the company focused primarily on tennis. As a passionate tennis enthusiast, Chuck fully embraced the unique camaraderie and energy of pickleball, and he successfully convinced GAMMA to enter the pickleball scene.


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Questions and Answers

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About the Brand

GAMMA understands that athletes have a lifelong need to grow, perform and strive for excellence. That’s why Gamma will never stop innovating and improving pickleball technology.

Gamma is also excited to be at the leading edge of America’s fastest-growing sport – pickleball. Gamma’s advanced knowledge of composites, plastics, and manufacturing techniques enables GAMMA to create pickleball paddles and balls with materials and methods that few can match.

Accessories Properties

GAMMA Chuck Outdoor Pickleball 48-Pack
Accessories Pickleballs
Color Yellow
Vendor GAMMA
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