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Pickleskins Bread and Butter Replacement Grips Quantity
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  • 31 inches. Fits any handle on the market, even the elongated handles!

  • Just like pickles in a jar. Enhanced Grip with small circular bumps that will have your hand sticking to the paddle.

  • Built to withstand the test of time, much like the wisdom of a seasoned pickleball sage. Its resilient construction ensures that it can weather the storm of intense battles, fierce rallies, and even the occasional drop.

  • Reimagining what you have thought about pickleball grips!

  • Comes with One Individual Replacement Grip. Recommended that the stock grip that comes on the paddle is taken off completely before applying your Pickleskins Grip.


Pickleskins Bread and Butter Replacement Grips

Bump up your game with the Pickleskins Grips! Designed for any player looking to upgrade their grip and style on the court. Each design is packed with bumps to give players optimal feel while mimicking our sports favorite vegetable. The Pickleskins Bread and Butter Grips will allow any player to play with absolute confidence. Play your game with the 'Dilly' smile and get ready to dill out some amazing shots with a game-changing grip that sticks like a pickle to a bun!


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5.0 Stars:Overall Rating
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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Great replacement for stock grip Mike Intermediate

Pros: This grip feels more comfortable in hand than most stock grips. Now I don't feel the hard edges of the plastic underneath. I was curious about the bumps, but they feel really nice, they are firm, but kind of squishy. Not distracting.

Cons: none yet.

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About the Brand

Pickled to Perfection with PickleSkins. Protect your Game, designed out of the need to improve the performance of pickleball grips, PickleSkins has made performance pickleball accessories with a smile. Take the court with confidence, and add some fun flare to your game. Play Happy with PickleSkins.

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Pickleskins Bread and Butter Replacement Grips
Accessories Grips
Vendor Pickleskins
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