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Nomex Core Pickleball Paddles


Nomex Core pickleball paddles are made of a material similar to cardboard and it is dipped in a resin to create a hard material with a small honeycomb design. Nomex cores were the first material used to create composite pickleball paddles. The harder material makes them the loudest paddles on the market and are typically not great options for players in noise restrictive areas. Pickleball paddles with nomex cores are typically the best options for players looking for speed and power. Nomex is used in things like aerospace and industrial applications that need flexibility, durability, and are light in weight. Nomex core paddles absorb less energy than a poly core which helps redirect the energy back into the ball quicker. Nomex core pickleball paddles also tend to be the most popular options among singles players because of the speed and power they provide.

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