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2561 El Camino Real
Carslbad, CA 92008

Contact Information:

Phone: 858-218-6009


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About Nexxed:

Welcome to our Pickleball Family. 

Here at Nexxed, we strive to expand the sport of pickleball while spreading the positivity and fun that makes it a truly great sport. All ages, athletic and non-athletic, are welcome to this family. 

As a company, our core values encompass and push us to create quality products that are always affordable and look and perform great. We love pickleball and the community that it has created; a true sport for a lifetime. We are honored to now be a part of the industry and will use our influence to reinforce our values and grow the sport we all love. 

Let’s enjoy Pickleball together.  See you on the court! -The Nexxed family

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