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5 Best JOOLA Pickleball Paddles In 2024

best joola pickleball paddles 2024

JOOLA blasted onto the pickleball scene in early 2022 and quickly became one of the most popular brands at JustPaddles. Since their launch, they’ve made huge moves in the space, creating fantastic pickleball paddles and signing several of the biggest names in the sport including Ben Johns, Simone Jardim, Anna Bright, and plenty of other talented athletes on podiums all across the country. In perhaps their biggest move to date, JOOLA recently announced the signing of Ben Johns to a lifetime contract, securing his name and likeness for decades to come as the perennial star continues to shine atop the sport. Along with Ben, JOOLA has signed the most electrifying man in sports, Tyson McGuffin! JOOLA has made a statement with their signings, and new paddle release to back it up. 

Introducing JOOLA's GEN 3 pickleball paddles, already pushing pickleball to new heights. JOOLA has dedicate their brand to pushing the technology of pickleball and bringing the rest of pickleball with it. Not only are the signing the very best in the game, they are making paddles along with it to match! 

Aside from their professional players, JOOLA has devoted itself to creating high-quality paddles, making it a great option for beginners all the way up to the number one player in the world!

Best JOOLA Pickleball Paddles

Below, we’ve identified a list of the 3 Best JOOLA Pickleball Paddles, ranked by our customers. 

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion 3 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle




The JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle is designed with one thing in mind: domination. As the signature paddle of the current world #1 player, Ben Johns, this paddle boasts features that cater to the aggressive, power-hungry game. 

Key Features:

  • Propulsion Core
  • NFC Chip Accessible 
Check out what JOOLA's top pro, Simone Jardim, says about the new JOOLA Hyperion! 

JOOLA Tyson McGuffin Magnus 3 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle




There isn't a better person to listen to about their paddle than the man behind the paddle, Tyson McGuffin! Check out what he has to say about his signature JOOLA Pickleball Paddle! 

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus 3 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle



No real surprise here, the JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus 16 GEN 3 wears the gold medal at pro events around the world and is also on our list of the three best JOOLA pickleball paddles. Built to last, the Perseus 16 weighs in at a hefty 8.0 ounces and features Charged Carbon Surface Technology to outspin, outpower, and outlast any opponent. A sleek, low-profile edge guard protects the honeycomb polymer core, giving you the confidence to track down any ball. Tried and tested by the best professional player in the world, Ben Johns, the Perseus will have every player, from the best in the world to a beginner, loving every shot.

JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus 3 14mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

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We got a chance to see Anna chat about her pickleball paddle and why you should take it to your next match! 

Key Features:
  • Classic Shape
  • Paddle Core Material: Propulsion Core

  • 14 mm core
  • Paddle Face Material: Charged Carbon Surface Technology 

JOOLA Collin Johns Scorpeus 3 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

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  • Pickleball powerhouse Collin Johns is now out with a brand new weapon: his signature paddle! Designed in collaboration with Joola, this paddle promises to elevate your game with a perfect blend of explosive power and unwavering control.
  • Developed alongside a champion and brother, this paddle embodies Johns' aggressive playing style.
  • Expect to experience exceptional power for dominating drives and volleys.
  • The paddle also prioritizes control for precise shot placement and pinpoint accuracy.
  • Here is Collin, chatting about what separates his paddles from the rest of the line! 


Looking for the perfect pickleball paddle? There are hundreds of paddles on the market, which is why we have an entire page dedicated to Pickleball Paddle Reviews! If you need more information, give us a call at 1-866-382-3465, email us at, or utilize our live chat to speak with a Paddle Expert today. We’re JustPaddles, and we’re with you from Click to Court!


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