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Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddles For Every Type Of Player

best selkirk pickleball paddles

Two brothers and a father embarked on a journey to create the market leader in pickleball paddles. From their home in the pacific northwest, overlooking the Selkirk mountains, a family with a passion for pickleball and the desire to provide uncompromising quality has made Selkirk Sport a leader in pickleball since their first serve. Not only have they delivered in terms of pickleball paddle innovation, but Selkirk has also always strived to grow and improve the sport of pickleball. 

Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

In this article, the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles outline the best Selkirk paddles for every type of player. From beginners to former tennis players and everything in between, these are the best pickleball paddles by Selkirk for 2023. Let's dive in.

Best Selkirk Paddle for Beginners 

Used by the world’s top professional, SLK by Selkirk offers top-of-the-line technology at a price that fits many pickleball players’ budgets. Providing a perfect balance of touch and power, the Selkirk SLK EVO Hybrid 2.0 Max will help turn a first-time player into a seasoned pro out on the court. 


  • C7-Flex Hybrid Fiberglass
  • 13 mm Core
  • Standard Paddle Shape
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to ensure its the paddle for you
  • Three unique and exciting colorways to fit any player’s style

Best Selkirk Paddle for Tennis Players

With quick hands, paddle control, power, and mobility on the court, tennis players often have a head start when they transition to the fastest-growing sport in America. For those making the switch from tennis to pickleball, Selkirk has delivered with the Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6 AvaLee. Taking into account the needs and comfort of a tennis player, this paddle offers a thick core, elongated shape, and longer paddle handle to help create a smooth transition to the smaller court. 



  • Quantum-Carbon Fiber Face
  • 15.875 mm Core
  • Elongated Paddle Shape
  • Long Handle - 5 ⅞’’
  • AvaLee Special Colorways: Arizona Sun | Dragonfly Blue | Rose Purple

Best Selkirk Paddle for Spin

Keep your opponents guessing the next time you step on the court. Selkirk has pushed the boundaries of carbon fiber paddles and made sure that their entire lineup is top-of-the-line in terms of spin. Pairing an enlarged sweet spot with a focus on maximum spin has created one of the best paddles for spin on the market with the Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Invikta.


  • Quantum-Carbon Fiber
  • 15.875 mm Core
  • Elongated Paddle Shape 
  • Enlarged Sweet Spot

Best Selkirk Paddle for Power

Putting smiles on the faces of power pickleball players at first swing, Selkirk has created a crowd favorite with the Selkirk Power Air. A culmination of over two years of Research & Development, in partnership with top Pickleball pros such as Tyson McGuffin, the VANGUARD Power Air addresses the need for both power and spin. While edgeless technology has been around for several years, Selkirk is committed to introducing many new performance innovations to edgeless paddles. The Power Air focuses on durability, offers an elevated feel, complete with a polymer honeycomb core, and is the power paddle the Pickleball community has been asking for.


  • QuadFlex 4 Layer Hybrid Face
  • Air Dynamic Throat: Developed in Selkirk Labs Project 002 and fine-tuned to provide maximum flex. Now closer to the handle, providing optimal flow and improved ball control!
  • Elongated Paddle Shape
  • ThroatFlex to create maximum flex when connecting with the ball. The open-throat design enhances your power play and unbeatable consistency.

Which Professionals Use Selkirk? 

Selkirk’s mission is to provide uncompromising quality and grow the sport of pickleball. Given this, it is no coincidence that the world’s top professionals call Selkirk their paddle of choice. From the most electric players on tour, Tyson McGuffin and Paris Todd, to the silent killers of pickleball, Dylan Frazier and Catherine Parenteau, Selkirk seems to have a paddle for each of the world’s top professionals. 


Selkirk’s love for pickleball and desire to embrace innovation has resulted in one of the best and brightest pickleball paddle brands. Following the mission set by the family, Selkirk Sport continues to provide the highest quality paddles while also inspiring the next generation to play the sport they love.  

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