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Can I Play Pickleball On A Wet Court?

Can I Play Pickleball In The Rain

Imagine you wake up one morning on a day you were planning to play pickleball outside. But, it's been raining and now the court is soaking wet. Can you still play? The quick answer is yes, you can. Especially if  you like slipping and falling on a pickleball court. The better answer is no, you should not play on a wet pickleball court! Although the surface of outdoor pickleball courts is typically gritty and provides excellent traction, when it’s wet, the surface becomes very slick, especially the lines. A slippery court means a greater risk of injury!

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The eye test is a good way to approach wet courts. If you see one solid color of wet court, we would recommend that you should most definitely stay away. If you see an even split of two different colors on the court surface (meaning some dry and some wet), then you’re getting closer to game time! We still wouldn’t recommend playing on it until you see one solid, dry color, but there are things that you can do to help expedite the drying process. Depending on weather conditions, pickleball courts can dry in as fast as 30 minutes with a little elbow grease and sunlight. Here are a few options to get started. 

The Battle Tested and Approved Court Roller

If your local courts don’t have a court roller (or giant court squeegee), it’s time to all chip in and get one. Squeegees are the best way to get a wet court dry - even a really wet court! Court rollers have been used for many decades, and do a tremendous job soaking up water and pushing it off the court and through the fence. If you’re needing your pickleball fix, are hosting a tournament after a night full of rain, or have a big grudge match that just can’t wait, a court roller is your first class ticket to dry court land. 

Bring a Leaf Blower 

As if you don’t do enough chores at home, leaf blowing and a relaxing game of pickleball may seem like polar opposites. But, a leaf blower can be an enormous help in terms of keeping the court safe from court debris that is just as dangerous as a wet court. Many courts are nestled nicely in a park, near tall trees that shade us perfectly when the sun is either rising or setting. Unfortunately, those same trees can be a nuisance when they drop their leaves, nuts, or whatever else they decide to donate to our local courts. A leaf blower is the perfect way to rid the court of slippery debris that is sometimes small and hard to see - making it, potentially, even more dangerous than a wet court. Friendly reminder, you might want to make sure your court has a power outlet, or come prepared with a battery-operated blower! 


We love having the opportunity to play pickleball outside. But, remember to bring the tools you need to make it a fun, successful, and safe outing for all! We hope that this article helped you make a decision about playing in the rain or on a wet court. Also, if you're in the market for a new pickleball paddle, we've got you covered! Shop our wide selection of all the top brands with free, fast shipping and our lowest price guarantee. We're JustPaddles, and we're with you from Click To Court!


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