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Different Shapes of Pickleball Paddles

Different Shapes of Pickleball Paddles

Buying a pickleball paddle can be confusing. Gone are the days of wood paddles, or basic paddles with one, standard shape. The evolution of pickleball has been on a hockey stick curve - to the moon, as the kids are saying. Pickleball paddles are no different. Paddle brands are on the constant grind to find the next best thing. Whether that be a soft, quiet core, a powerful or spin-friendly hitting surface, or a unique shape that offers more power or a larger sweet spot, pickleball engineers are hunting down something to differentiate themselves from the pack. We’ve talked about the different types of pickleball paddle hitting surfaces, but what about the different shapes of pickleball paddles?

Elongated Pickleball Paddles

Elongated pickleball paddles are increasingly becoming more and more popular. With a length of 16” or longer, elongated paddles are best suited for skilled players who are looking to add more reach and power to their game. The extended shape slightly raises the positioning of the sweet spot, which can take a few games to get used to. Elongated paddles are popular among single players for the extra reach they provide.


Standard Pickleball Paddles

Standard-shaped paddles have the traditional look and are a great option for a player that plays a balanced game between power, control, and touch. These paddles are typically between 15-15 ¾” long, and roughly 8” wide. You will most commonly see grip lengths between 4 ½” and 5 ¼” on standard paddles.


Blade Pickleball Paddles

Blades are the most-standout paddle shape you’ll see in pickleball. These paddles are very long and thin, and are most popular among singles players. Blades are often nearly 17” long and offer a small, yet compact sweet spot high on the paddle’s hitting surface, making them challenging for beginners to use. Blades are a popular option for a tennis player that is transitioning into pickleball and is looking for extra length from their paddle.


Teardrop Pickleball Paddles

Teardrop pickleball paddles feature a unique, more rounded shape than other paddles. Teardrop paddles balance the weight in the paddle to help extend the sweet spot further up the paddle, where the face of the paddle widens. The teardrop shape generally offers a generous and wide sweet spot that can be appreciated by players at any level.


Widebody Pickleball Paddles

Widebody pickleball paddles are the most common shape for a pickleball paddle. A wide body paddle typically measures 8'' or greater in width. If you’re new to the game of pickleball, a widebody paddle is a great option due to its generous sweet spot and extra width.



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