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Dude Perfect x Selkirk SLK Pickleball Paddle Review

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the world, and with growth, innovation soon follows. A sport that once used wooden pickleball paddles now uses some of the most advanced technology in the world to rethink how the sport can be played. From the beginning, Selkirk has been a leader in pickleball paddle technology and continues to push paddle development for professional and recreational players! 

Selkirk has now teamed up with one of the biggest names on YouTube, Dude Perfect, to introduce the game of pickleball to a new audience. By partnering with Dude Perfect and releasing the SLK x Dude Perfect Collection, Selkirk has offered a high-performing pickleball paddle at a price that fits anyone on the court. Looking to get into the game with a price-friendly performance paddle and colorways that will make you stand out on the court? The Selkirk SLK x Dude Perfect Collection might be the series for you!

Selkirk SLK x Dude Perfect

The Selkirk SLK x Dude Perfect Collection features two paddles and a Bundle Set for everything you will need to play (and look good) on the court. Check out Dude Perfect’s pickleball-inspired antics below!


Selkirk SLK x Dude PerfectTrickshot Bundle Review 

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Loaded with everything you need to hit the court, the SLK x Dude Perfect Bundle will feature 2 Trickshot Paddles, 1 Sling Bag, and 4 Pickleballs to get you started at the unbeatable price of $89.99. Everything a player could need for under $100 makes the Selkirk SLK x Dude Perfect a trickshot of its own! 

 Selkirk SLK x Dude Perfect Trickshot Paddle Features: 

  • FiberLux Fiberglass (Composite)

  • SpinFlex Textured Surface created to increase spin, enhance consistency, and elevate ball control, the new SpinFlex Textured Surface takes your skill shots to a whole new level.

  • Core Thickness: 13 mm

  • Handle Length: Standard - 4.85''

Selkirk SLK x Dude Perfect EVO 2.0 Control Max Review

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Packed with a 16 mm core, the EVO Control 2.0 will have a massive sweet spot, and enormous amounts of control, and offers a luxurious playing experience. The EVO Control 2.0 face will be lined with G-8 Flex Carbon Fiber, engineered for optimal control and a super-soft feel allowing you to command any court you step foot on. Paired with SLK's new innovative SpinFlex Surface, this paddle is designed for increased spin consistency and ball control. 

Selkirk SLK x Dude Perfect EVO 2.0 Control Paddle Features:

  • G8-Flex Carbon Fiber

  • New SpinFlex Spin Surface - Designed for increased spin consistency and elevated ball control, the innovative SpinFlex Spin Surface takes your game to the next level.

  • Core Thickness: 16 mm

  • Handle Length: Standard - 4.85''

Paddle Expert’s Thoughts on Selkirk SLK x Dude Perfect Paddles

As someone who grew up watching Dude Perfect and emulating trick shots of my own, it is so cool to see them teaming up with one of our favorite brands. Bringing affordable pickleball paddles to their audience only grows the game we all love and watching them incorporate pickleball into their videos brings a smile to our faces. From a group of friends making trick shots in College Station, Texas to being partners with one of the biggest names in pickleball, the growth of these YouTube stars and the sport of pickleball is on full display! 


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