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JOOLA Gen 3 Overview - Comparison, Cost, & More

The wait is over. A new era of next generation technology has arrived. JOOLA has launched one of its most anticipated pickleball paddle lineups to date. There's a reason the top professional players in the world and some of the biggest influencers in pickleball play with JOOLA pickleball paddles. Players like Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, Anna Bright, Collin Johns and Simone Jardim all play with the Gen 3 series, but are these pickleball paddles right for you? This lineup promises enhanced playability and technological innovations that could very well set a new standard on courts all across the globe. To help you better understand JOOLA's latest designs, the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles outline everything you need to know about the Gen 3 pickleball paddles including a comparison of each model, the cost, and so much more. Let's dig in. 

JOOLA Gen 3 Review

“Is it just a color change?”

Our Paddle Experts get this question all the time. To set the record straight, no it is not. When compared to previous JOOLA pickleball paddles, the Gen 3 series features two primary new features that fans are raving about:

  • Propulsion-core technology returns more energy for a catapult effect. This patent-pending innovation utilizes a revolutionary foam channel allowing the core to flex and create explosive power while enhancing spin and control.
  • NFC chip enabled for easier warranties and exclusive JOOLA content.

How much do the JOOLA Gen 3 paddles cost?

Each model of the Gen 3 series retails for $279.95. Everything from the Ben Johns Perseus to the first-ever Tyson McGuffin Magnus are all the same price. 

Are there discount codes for the JOOLA Gen 3 paddles?

No. Discount codes, free gifts with purchase, or other coupons are not permitted for this series of paddles. 

JOOLA Perseus 3 Paddle Review

This is the choice of pickleball world number 1 Ben Johns. The Perseus 3 is a versatile paddle that's a great option for a lot of players. Watch and listen as Ben Johns explains why you should swing it during your next match. 

JOOLA Magnus 3 Paddle Review

This is Tyson McGuffin's first-ever signature JOOLA paddle. Magnus, short for The Most Skilled Gladiator In The Arena, is forgiving, consistent, and powerful. Improve your slice shots and play with the paddle used by the most electrifying man in sports. 

JOOLA Scorpeus 3 Paddle Review

Both Collin Johns and Anna Bright play with the Scorpeus 3. Experience more power, more dwell time, and more feel in every shot you're hitting. Plus, it's available in 16mm and 14mm options. 

JOOLA Hyperion 3 Paddle Review

The Hyperion 3 is a thing of beauty and is used by the legend Simone Jardim herself. The biggest difference between the Hyperion 3 and the other paddles in the Gen 3 series is the shape. It's a little longer for more reach with a longer handle for those two-handed backhands. 
The JOOLA Gen 3 Pickleball Paddles represents a significant leap forward in pickleball technology. With its unparalleled blend of innovation, performance, and durability, this series caters to serious players who demand the best from their equipment. Identify the nuances of your playing style, consider the features that align with your needs, and step onto the court with a paddle from this series in hand – your game might just ascend to new heights. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, our Paddle Experts are standing by to help. You can call or text 866-382-3465, email, or click here to live chat. We're JustPaddles and we'll be here for you from Click To Court!

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