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What Is Kinetic Technology In Pickleball?

ProKennex Kinetic Technology Explained

If you’ve used a ProKennex pickleball paddle before, you’ve used a paddle with Kinetic Technology. ProKennex originally developed Kinetic Technology to use in their tennis and racquetball racquets but when they ventured into pickleball, they found another perfect spot for their great idea. But what is it, how does it work, and how does it affect the paddle and play? Our Paddle Experts do a deep dive and explain everything you need to know below. Let's dive in. 

Pickleball vs Tennis

Alright, What Is the ProKennex Kinetic Technology? 

Kinetic Technology is a design made up of small, tungsten-filled chambers located at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock spots on the paddle face. They are specifically designed to absorb the shock of a pickleball and transfer energy back into the ball. The more shock that is absorbed by the paddle, the less shock that your body will have to absorb. Because of this, ProKennex paddles are a great option for players looking for an arm-friendly paddle. 

ProKennex Kinetic Technology

How Does it Work? 

Kinetic Technology works by creating extra mass to absorb the impact where the ball most often meets the paddle. The technology was designed to absorb the energy that normally would transfer through the paddle, into the handle and then ultimately into your arm and elbow. By absorbing that potentially-harmful energy, there is less shock transferred through the face of the paddle and into your body, creating a very arm-friendly paddle option. 

Does it Impact Play? 

Kinetic Technology aids in a dampening effect which creates a soft paddle with plenty of touch and feel. The transfer of the energy into the ball as the paddle is swung also generates extra power, combining touch, feel, and added power. Not convinced? Don't take our word for it. Watch and learn as Steve Dawson, designer and originator of all ProKennex paddles, talks about the technology behind each one of their paddles.  


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