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CORE Outdoor Pickleball 100-Pack Quantity
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  • Colorway: Neon Green

  • Outdoor Pickleball

  • Play hard and play long with these reinforced outdoor pickleballs. Outlasting the competition you can play more games with fewer balls.

  • 40 precision drilled holes reduce the impact of wind on your shots. The ball is also weighed for extra wind resistance, making it perfect for outdoor games.

  • CORE used precision drilling to optimize the placement of each hole on the ball. This improves airflow ensuring every shot flies straight and true.

CORE Outdoor Pickleball 100-Pack

Engineered for Outdoor Play, the first thing CORE looked into was the placement of the 40 precision drilled holes and the impact of wind resistance on ball flight. To further improve wind resistance CORE began working on the weight and materials of the ball.  CORE ested balls by playing pickleball outdoors until we found the perfect one. Naturally Easy to See - Visibility is everything in Pickleball. If you can't see the ball coming how are you supposed to hit it? The vibrant neon green color makes tracking the ball with your eyes easy. Consistent Bounce Height - If you don't know the bounce height you can't predict where the ball will be. That's why specifically engineered CORE Pickleballs to be consistent shot after shot.
Play Harder for Longer - Everyone knows outdoor pickleballs wear out over time. CORE's balls don't crack easily and hold their shape better over time, saving you money and letting you play longer.

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No results. If you searched for a specific term, please broaden your search. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please submit your question and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks!

CORE Pickleball was founded with the mission to change the game from within by making pro-level, high-quality, and crack-resistant equipment accessible to everyone. CORE believes in making our own moments. That’s why CORE created the ball we wanted to play with: a pickleball that plays fast, stays round and cracks less at an affordable price. Turns out, CORE wasn't the only ones.

CORE isn’t just a pickleball, it’s a grassroots community of athletes and enthusiasts coming together to create meaningful experiences through the sport we love. With the belief of friends, players, investors, advisors, and, most importantly, my supportive wife and three crazy children, we’ve grown CORE Pickleball from a one-man start-up to distribution through the world’s largest retailers in less than one year.

Our company was built with passion in the USA. We tested countless prototypes first-hand on our home court until we could confidently deliver you the ideal pickleball experience: a moment to have more fun, play better, and play just One More Game.

CORE Outdoor Pickleball 100-Pack
Accessories Pickleballs
Color Yellow
Vendor Core Pickleball
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