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OM Aero1 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Racket Quantity
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  • Racket Weight: 8.0 oz

  • Racket Face Material: Omni-Layered PRO-NANOTec™ 3K Fullwrap Carbon Fiber

  • Racket Core Material: Hexiom™ Superpolymer

  • Core Thickness: 14mm

  • Racket Length: 15 3/4''

  • Racket Width: 8.1''

  • Grip Size: Thin - Ergonomic 4''

  • Handle Length - Standard - 5''

  • Color Way: Stealth Black

  • Swing Weight: 109

  • Twist Weight: 7.0

  • AEROTec™ - OM’s signature racket technology comprises of a FluidCarbon™ Monocoque frame and racket aerofoil for advanced aerodynamics and engineered for powerful drives, quick hand speed and tennis style play.

  • FluidCarbon™ - Single mould internal monocoque ‘racket’ frame extends from the handle through the entire racquet. The advanced foundation for the OM Hexiom™ core is the secret to pro performance.

  • Hexiom™ Superpolymer - Advanced PP core to withstand double thermoforming engineered for the perfect balance of power and feel at the heart o fate AERO¹.

  • NANOTec™ - Aerospace grade 3K Omni-weave carbon fiber with a Omni-layered nano particle texture for longer lasting spin.

  • GameGrip™ - Single molded in carbon fiber and ergonomically formed for you hand. The most advanced and comfortable grip on the market. With SharkSkin™ layering - the more you sweat, the more it grips

  • Double Thermoformed - A multi-mold manufacturing process ensures the most well crafted performance pickleball rackets on the market. Experience construction quality that’s second to none.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • USAPA Approved


OM Aero¹ Carbon Fiber Pickleball Racket
‘With a racquet-like design and carbon fiber construction, this is the Porsche of pickleball paddles.’- UNCRATE

New generation pickleball racket. British Design Engineered to provide more power/torque, spin and control than ever before with an industry-shifting unibody racket construction, unparalleled build quality and elite performance. Superior racquet feel, clinical movement for shaping the ball for tennis grade angles and unparalleled power at the back with control at the NVZ and tennis grade top spin. Experience play like never before. Before anyone else.

Racket Benefits 

Looking to play with the future of Pickleball. The OM AERO¹ Pickleball Racket brings the tennis racket to the pickleball court. Hit faster with more top spin and feel then ever before. 

For tennis players - Transition easily into the worlds fastest growing sport with a racket that feels and performs as close to a tennis racket as is legal. Top spin drives, racquet feel, and string like deflection for dominating play.

For racquet players - Transfer your skills to the pickleball court with fast hand speed, precise snaps, and powerful drives. 

For pickleball players - Bring sophisticated power, speed and control to your game currently not possible with paddle construction. Experience pickleball played in a completely new style with tennis grade angles, aggressive top spin drives and racquet-feel touch at the net.


OM’s LLW (Limited Lifetime Warranty) covers your pickleball racquet for all manufacturing defects when you register you racquet online with OM.


Average Ratings Based on 5 Customer Reviews

4.6 Stars:Overall Rating
4.5 Stars: Comfort
4.5 Stars: Durability
4.5 Stars: Playability
4.5 Stars: Sweet Spot
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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Comfort
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: Playability
5 Stars: Sweet Spot
Tennis player who is loving Pickleball Liv Neville Intermediate

Pros: It feels like a mini tennis racquet. It is fast and can create angles like nothing else out there. Its power is unreal and my serve has easily jumped 10 miles an hour. I can also create more topspin on my ground strokes.

Cons: Love a pink over grip

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Comfort
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: Playability
5 Stars: Sweet Spot
Best racquet frame & handle on the market! Cindy Reynolds Intermediate

Pros: I’m lucky to have played 4 months now with the OM Aero. The speed and control it gives me is truly an advantage. One of my favorite things is the grip…the hotter I am, the better it feels. The racquet structure…the fact that it’s so supremely constructed that it never wears out…is just fantastic. And the look of this racquet is just a bonus. It’s a gorgeous weapon!

Cons: Not a con in sight. But as good as the OM Aero is, I bet future racquets will offer even more advantage. I feel lucky to play with the OM!

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Comfort
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: Playability
5 Stars: Sweet Spot
Awesome Paddle Lash Intermediate

Pros: This one just feels right ! I only have played with it for about three hours but I can say it's the best paddle I have used . I love the combination of power and finesse I get with it . I have played with many different paddles and they are all good but this one just ticks all the boxes for me .

Cons: Have not played with it enough to discover any flaws . I will update in the future .

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3 Stars: Overall Rating
3 Stars: Comfort
3 Stars: Durability
3 Stars: Playability
3 Stars: Sweet Spot
OM Aero Carbon Randy Intermediate

Pros: I like the basic feel of the paddle!

Cons: Compared to my Gearbox Pro paddle my Gearbox is like a rocket! The OM just didn’t wow me! Hope this helps!

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Comfort
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: Playability
5 Stars: Sweet Spot
Love it! James Intermediate

Pros: I’ve tried everything out there and like the OM Aero best. 4.5 tennis player and tennis coach transitioning to pickleball. It does everything I need it to do.

Cons: None, really.

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the OM Aero1 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Racket? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Is this paddle approved for tournament play? Ray Starkey
The OM Aero1 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Racket is USAPA approved.
Is it approved by the USA pickleball association? Leanne Johnson
Yes, the OM Aero1 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Racket is USAPA Approved.

About the Brand

Inspired by you. Powered by British Design Engineering. PLAY OM.

OM is a British Performance Pickleball Racquet brand with the mission to move the pickleball world from paddles to rackets and create the worlds best, next generation performance pickleball rackets and gear.

Where obsessive design meets innovative engineering, magic happens.

Paddle Properties

OM Aero1 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Racket
Color Black
Construction Racket Thermoformed
Core Material Polypropylene
Core Thickness Standard
Deals New Release
Experience Level Professional
Face Material Carbon Fiber
Grip Size Thin (4")
Handle Length Standard
Paddle Shape Wide Body
Paddle Weight Middleweight
Player Type Balanced
Vendor OM
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