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Dallas, TX 75226

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About Warstic:

Warstic Sports, Inc. is an independent, USA-based, direct-to-consumer-focused sporting goods brand established in 2011. We focus on hard goods, Gear & Apparel for stic-based sports athletes.

Warstic work to design products that inspire stic athletes to attack the ball and life with the mindset of a warrior hunting prey.

Warstic is on a long journey to design, produce and sell stics for Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse & Hockey, Hunting & Fishing, Surf/Skate/Snow, and Golf, Tennis & Pickleball. Our products offer the lethal combination of original design artistry and high performance, precision sports weaponry made for all-out battle on the field.    

It's not the weapon, its the Warrior.

Warstic® branded goods are built to spec for the individual stic athlete that competes with a warrior’s mentality and follows their own code of substance, style, and character. We are, and we are for, the underdog. Period. And we are all coming for you. There is an ongoing conversation happening at Warstic with our tribe about helping future generations of stic warriors connect mind & heart, with mechanics. Because, the first objective of the Warrior’s education is to build strength of character and mental strength; otherwise my physical tools are useless.

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