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adidas Metalbone Paddle Review

Innovation like you’ve never seen before. With exclusive adidas technology that allows you to modify the weight and balance of your pickleball paddle according to your needs, this paddle enables you to find the combination that best fits your playing style.

This unique paddle from adidas allows the player to add four screws, weighing 2.6 grams each and totaling 10.4 grams, in 6 available holes located on the sides of the paddle. With a nearly endless combination of possibilities and on-the-fly customizations, this paddle is able to adapt to your game. 

Looking for greater control and maneuverability? Leave the weights screwed in near the paddle’s handle. Removing the weights will shift the balance to the top of the paddle, adding power and stability.  

adidas Metalbone Review

At first glance, the Metalbone is clearly one of the most unique and innovative paddles on the market. But don’t let its one-of-a-kind look distract you from its high level of playability. At an 8 ounce average weight, the Metalbone provides a nice balance between control and power, with the most unique feature in pickleball - the ability to adjust the weight as needed. Although our play testers felt the paddle performed best with all 4 screws in, the paddle’s head became lighter when we removed the top screws, boosting hand speed and maneuverability. Although the paddle became lighter when we removed the bottom screws, removing the weight from the handle actually created a little more head weight. 

Beyond the Metalbone’s ability to adjust to your preferences, it checks off all the necessary specs when looking for a premium paddle.  A carbon fiber face for control, spin and feel. 13 mm core for added power, and an average weight for universal play. 

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Check the Specs 

  • Face:C18 Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 7.8-8.2 oz
  • Core Thickness: 13 mm
  • Grip Length: 5.5” 
  • Grip Size: 4 ¼” 
  • Length: 16.5” 
  • Width: 7.5” 

Paddle Expert’s Thoughts on Metalbone

The Metalbone was a hit from the second we picked it up. adidas stepped way outside the box to create the Metalbone, and we’re glad they did! First, by weighing in around 8 ounces, they have created a maneuverable paddle that also provides plow through. The carbon fiber face, like all carbon fiber, helped keep the paddle lightweight, but well put together, and generated ball speed and accuracy. What really “made” this paddle was the adjustable weights near the base of the paddle’s face. Although we felt the paddle performed at its best with all 4 screws in, the ability to adjust the weight and balance in seconds was a feature we’d never seen before and one uniqueto the Metalbone. 

The adidas Metalbone checked all the boxes we were expecting from their top paddle, and made its way into our Top 10 paddles to check out in 2023. 




Bringing innovation to pickleball, adidas has now come out with a paddle that is completely adjustable for every player. If you have any additional questions or need help finding the right gear, the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles are here to help. You can call/text 866-382-3465, email, or click here to live chat. Don't forget, we're here for you from Click To Court!

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