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Ben Johns Gen 3 Perseus Paddle Review

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus 3 Pickleball Paddle Review

You’re looking at JOOLA’s most technologically advanced pickleball paddle to date, and it shows when you step on the court. The Perseus Gen 3 16mm was designed by engineers who were dedicated to creating something that has never been done before in pickleball. For the pickleball player, by a pickleball player, with clear intentions to create the best JOOLA paddle ever. The centerpiece of the Perseus is the all-new Propulsion Core (Patent Pending). This innovative core promises explosive power, translating to hard-hitting drives, sharp counters, and blazing paddle speed - perfect for players who rely on an offensive style to overpower their opponents.

Techs and Specs:

  • Paddle Weight: 8.0 oz

  • Paddle Face Material: Charged Carbon Surface Technology

  • Paddle Core Material: Propulsion Core

  • Paddle Shape: Elongated

  • Core Thickness: 14mm or 16mm

  • Paddle Length: 16 1/2"

  • Paddle Width: 7 1/2''

  • Grip Thickness: Standard - 4 1/4''

Paddle Review

“Way more power than I expected.” Given this paddle has a soft Propulsion Core, we knew the touch, feel, and control were going to play an integral role in its performance, but JOOLA’s patent-pending core has truly charged the paddle to offer more power than any previous model. The added dwell time not only contributed to its power, but it created premium control and a silky soft touch. Being a fan of the previous Ben Johns models, this one just hits different, both literally and figuratively.

What type of player should use the Gen 3 Perseus? 

The best part about the Gen 3 line is its versatility. Between the soft Propulsion Core, elongated shape, standard grip length and size, and the 8.0 oz weight, this paddle is great for a power player, a touch player, or an all-around player. This paddle can fit happily in the hands of a beginner or the best in the world. 

Paddle Expert’s Thoughts on the Gen 3 Perseus 16mm:

Swing it, you’ll like it! The GEN 3 Perseus 16mm is a paddle that any player can get behind. It offers a universal 8.0 oz weight, the popular elongated shape, a gritty surface you’ve come to expect from JOOLA, and the new Propulsion Core is a game changer. I know you expected us to say that, but we stand behind it! If you’re looking for more power, swing the 14mm core for its more responsive core. If you’re an overall player and like a bit of everything, the 16mm option would be your best bet. 

Listen to one of the best pickleball players to ever step on the court, Ben Johns, talk about his paddle below.


  • Added power! The Propulsion Core is by far the most noticeable technology JOOLA has come out with. 

  • Stability. The paddle’s weight combined with the 16mm core thickness offers forgiveness to those of us that don’t square the ball up every time. 

  • The touch and control of the 16mm is second to none. 

  • Early on, the spin was as much as I’ve ever gotten from a paddle. 

  • Good combination of maneuverability and stability. 


  • None that we could agree on.

And that's all, folks! Stay tuned as we will be reviewing more of the JOOLA Gen 3 pickleball paddles. If you have any other questions, our Paddle Experts are standing by to help with anything you might need. You can give us a call at 866-382-3465, email at, or click here to live chat. We're JustPaddles and we're with you from Click To Court!

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