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15+ Best Pickleball Paddles For Control In 2023

Best Control Pickleball Paddles 2023

Are you starting to notice that it’s not always how hard you hit the pickleball, but where you hit the pickleball? As more and more players are entering the pickleball courts, you start to see more hard hitters, or bangers as they are often called. Instead of trying to return force with more force, more times than not a controlled and precise shot will win the point. All pickleball paddles can generate the power needed to slam a put-away lob, but not all pickleball paddles can slow down the slam to a precise dink landing softly into the corner of the kitchen. Next time you are at the court, try to slow the game down with control and precision. You will notice that more and more put-away shots are coming your way due to the control of your shots and your opponents popping up right in front of you. Next time you are looking for a pickleball paddle you won’t be asking what paddle has the most power, instead, you are going to look for the best control pickleball paddles! 

So what makes the best control pickleball paddle? Touch or control pickleball paddles are acclaimed for their maneuverability, ball placement, and remarkable control of the pickleball. To many, the above traits seem like it comes from the player? While a player can have those traits no matter what pickleball paddle is in their hand there are options that are going to be best for control pickleball paddles. Control pickleball paddles will typically have a Graphite Paddle Face, thick paddle core, or advanced technology to create an overall larger sweet spot with a softer feel at contact with the pickleball. Players out on courts all over the country can play the power game, but touch and control will take your game to the next level!

Let’s take a look at some of the Best Control Pickleball Paddles!

Oneshot Pureshot Middleweight Carbon Fiber Brian Ashworth Pickleball Paddle

Babolat MNSTR Touch Lightweight Hybrid Pickleball Paddle

Prince Response Pro Middleweight Composite Pickleball Paddle

Electrum Pro Middleweight Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Middleweight Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Engage Pursuit MX 6.0 Thick Core Middleweight Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Armour HELIO Middleweight Hybrid Carbon Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Franklin Aspen Kern Centre Middleweight Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

GAMMA Needle Middleweight Graphite Pickleball Paddle - Check out the Discounted Needle Blem

Gearbox GX6 Control Middleweight Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

HEAD Extreme Tour Lite Carbon Fiber Lightweight Pickleball Paddle

Onix Z5 Middleweight Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Middleweight Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Amped Epic Lightweight Composite Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid Mach6 Lightweight Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

TMPR Tantrum GXT Middleweight Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Vulcan 520 Blade Lightweight Composite Pickleball Paddle

Next time you are headed to the courts, turn that slam into a soft dink and watch your game reach the next level! With the transition to a softer and more controlled game, you may notice your pickleball paddle has more power than you may want, check out all of our Touch Pickleball Paddles! The best control pickleball paddles are the ones that the player can control, remember it may be one that only you have control of! The most important factor in picking your best control pickleball paddle is you! 


Looking for the perfect pickleball paddle? There are hundreds of paddles on the market, which is why we have an entire page dedicated to Pickleball Paddle Reviews! If you need more information, call us at 1-866-382-3465, email us at, or utilize our live chat to speak with a Paddle Expert today. We’re JustPaddles, and we’re with you from Click to Court!

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