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Best Power Paddles From Every Brand

Every player is different, so choosing a paddle that gives you the most power comes down to personal preference. With that being said, there are some general rules you can follow to help find the best power paddle for you. 

Things to look for when choosing a power paddle:

  • Fiberglass Face
  • Composite Face
  • Carbon Fiber Face
  • Paddle weight of 7.9 oz or heavier
  • Elongated shape (paddles 16“ or longer)
  • Longer grip length (5” or longer) 

Best Power Paddles from your favorite brands:


Adipower ATTK Carbon

This stylish, 7.9 oz (avg) paddle features a carbon fiber face, elongated 16 ½“ length, and a forgiving sweet spot that packs quite the punch. 



The composite/fiberglass hitting surface of the Helio offers top-notch power, and the universal 7.8 oz (avg) weight offers maximum swing speed for added power. 



The MNSTR POWER paddle does exactly what its name suggests - it brings monster power to the courts. Swinging it at 8.1 oz, with a 16” length  for maximum leverage and a standard 5” grip length, the MNSTR brings out the monster in you. 


Pro Circuit

The Pro Circuit offers pro-like ball speed with a composite hitting surface, a whippy 7.3 oz weight, and a 5 ¼“ handle for extra paddle leverage and maximum power. 


crbn1 13mm

The crbn1 was built to bring the heat. Don’t be fooled by the sleek design, this paddle unleashes crazy power, weighing in at 8.1 oz (avg) and featuring a raw T700 Carbon Fiber face. The spin potential allows you to hit the ball even harder with confidence that the topspin will bring it down before the baseline. 



This 8 oz powerhouse delivers ball-crushing power with a carbon fiber face and large, forgiving sweet spot. The standard head shape offers a sweet spot that stretches across the paddle’s face, and the 16” length combined with a 5” handle length offers enough whip to drive the ball past any opponent. 


Model E

Built with power and spin at the forefront, everything about the Model E is ready to go crack some pickleballs. At 8.2 oz (avg) and sporting a ‘super gritty raw carbon fiber’ face, this elongated paddle extends 16 ½“ to maximize power, and the extra leverage built into the 5 ¼“ grip adds even more power to your game. 


Elite Pro Maverick

This 8.1 oz heavy hitter offers a proprietary chemical bond material on the face of the paddle for max feel and a load of pop. The elongated shape ensures no player will lack power, while the 6” handle allows you to smash any ball that comes your way. 


Ben Johns Heavyweight

Tipping the scale at a powerful 8.1 oz (avg), the Ben Johns model offers an elongated shape and handle, and sports a ball-busting composite fiberglass surface to propel your shots past your opponent, and to the top of the podium.



Spin-friendly with a double dose of juice, the Legend features a textured fiberglass hitting surface and weighs in at 8 oz (avg) for you to plow through any ball, anywhere on the court. 



Designed for power, the CX14E features an elongated shape at 16 ⅞“, an extra long 5 ⅝“ handle, a 3K Woven Carbon Fiber face, and graces the scale at 8.0 oz. A sleek 13mm aerodynamic frame allows the paddle to rip through the air with ball-smashing velocity. 


Extreme Tour Max

This 8.1 oz heavy-hitter brings the heat with a carbon fiber hitting surface, elongated shape for max leverage, and a diamond/teardrop head shape for a spring-loaded sweet spot. 


Victor XL

At 8.1 oz (avg), the Victor offers explosive serves, groundstrokes, and overhead smashes thanks to the powerful fiberglass composite face, elongated shape, and enlarged sweet spot. 


Aero Powershot

This unique and pumped-up paddle tips the scales at 8.2 oz (avg) and features a graphite hitting surface. The elongated shape and lengthy handle offer max leverage while featuring Airflow Technology - holes in the sides of the paddle to boost power potential with an aerodynamic swing. 


Evoke Premier

Featuring several power-friendly technologies, including ‘Atomic13 Edge Technology’ - an edge guard specifically designed to disperse shock while increasing power and swing-speed to the paddle - the Premier is a powerhouse of a paddle. 


Sabre Pro

Endorsed by the legendary Scott Moore, this 8.2 oz (avg) heavy hitter features an elongated 16 ½“ length, a 6 ¼“ grip length, and a velvet-textured polycarbonate face. If you’re a power player, or are in need of some extra juice out on the court, the Sabre Pro is your ticket to Power Town. 

PB Pro

Tour Force 

On the prowl for a power paddle? Look no further than the PB Pro Tour Force. This 8.0 oz paddle offers an aerodynamic design for ultimate swing speed, a carbon fiber hitting surface, and superior grit allowing you to confidently give each big shot a little more juice.

PB International


The Tracker features a light, 7.8 oz (avg) swing weight which results in maximum swing speed potential and converts speed into power. A fiberglass hitting surface sandwiches a compression core that ensures power won’t be your problem, it will be your opponent’s! 


Quantum Pro 

Swinging in at a blazing 7.6 oz (avg) the Quantum Pro is a whippy stick with a ton of pop. An elongated 16 ⅜“ length combined with a power-friendly 6” grip fuses together to provide ball-cracking power. Let’s not forget that this paddle’s fiberglass face with a textured UV coating provides ultimate spin and protection. 


Pro Flight

One of the most maneuverable and aerodynamic paddles in pickleball, the Pro Flight tips the scale at a sleek 7.5 oz (avg), sports a super-thin beam, and features a carbon with diamond frost face for pop and spin. Take flight with our choice for PK’s best power paddle. 


Rebel Powerspin 2.0

This elongated paddle stands tall at 16” with a 5” handle. Hitting the scale at around 8.0 oz (avg) and sporting a reactive fiberglass face, the Powerspin 2.0 is a beast in the power category. 


Invikta Tyson McGuffin Signature

Created by top pro Tyson McGuffin and the elite engineers at Selkirk, this paddle’s enlarged sweet spot lives in perfect harmony with the 16 ½“ length and 5 ¼“ handle. A fiberglass hitting surface and 8.1 oz (avg) weight work together to crush pickleballs all the way to the winner’s circle. 

Third Shot Drop

Kratos H 

Perfectly balanced for maximum swing speed, the Kratos H features a carbon fiber hitting surface and an elongated 16 ½“ length. If you need a boost to bump you up to the next level, it may just be time for Kratos. 



Ascend to the top with this 7.8 oz (avg) banger from TMPR. A fiberglass composite hitting surface sits atop this 16 ½“ paddle and works to crush pickleballs from anywhere on the court. 



Weighing in at 8.0 oz (avg), 16” long, with a firm, fiberglass hitting surface, the Reacher will help you reach your pickleball potential. A large sweet spot extending across the paddle’s face offers plenty of power, even on mis-hits. 



With an elongated handle, classic shape, and consistent feel throughout the large sweet spot, you will be overpowering every court you step on. This paddle will feature a 13mm core and a fiberglass blend hitting surface. And with the 5 ½“ Max Control Grip, the V560 is our choice for Vulcan’s top dog for power. 


Juice XL

With a name like the Juice XL, you know what you’re getting! This super elongated paddle swings in at 17” and has a 5” grip length. Weighing in at a quick 7.7 oz and featuring a PO3 Fiberglass Composite hitting surface, the Juice will bring the heat 12 months out of the year. 


Need help finding your next power paddle? There are hundreds of pickleball paddles on the market, which is why we have an entire page dedicated to Pickleball Paddle Reviews! If you need more information, give us a call at 1-866-382-3465, email us (, or utilize our LIVE CHAT to speak with a Paddle Expert today.

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