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Does Cute = Quality? Setting The Record Straight On Stylish Pickleball Paddles

stylish pickleball paddles

Nowadays, finding a pickleball paddle might seem like a walk in the park. With hundreds of companies trying to get a piece of the fastest-growing sport in America pie, it seems like there are new paddle manufacturers popping up every week. Whether you’re looking for a cute and stylish pickleball paddle under $100, a professional paddle, wacky colors, or solid black, you’ll find hundreds of options that seem to match what you’re looking for. But before you buy a paddle because it’s stylish and modern, remember, that there’s more to paddles than strictly cute cosmetics! With thousands of options at your fingertips, the most difficult part of finding the perfect paddle might be finding one from a company that specializes in pickleball paddle innovation and technology, rather than a company just trying to get in on the paddle craze. 

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Cute Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball’s rapid growth has opened the door to hundreds of companies attempting to get paddles built as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of stylish or cute pickleball paddles that won’t give you the performance you’re looking for. If you’re like the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles, you’re in the market for a true pickleball product that looks and plays great and is worth the investment. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to identify a high-quality pickleball paddle

Shop for High-Quality Materials

High-quality materials like raw carbon fiber, graphite, and high-grade polymer are more expensive and harder to source, hinting that the manufacturer is selling you a performance product, and not a recreational-level paddle. 

Look for Technologies Built Into the Core and Onto the Hitting Surface

Paddle companies dedicated to designing paddles are constantly on the hunt for new technologies to enhance spin, power, control, and other elements key to a paddle’s performance. Dig into the specs of the paddle and look for keywords like “Charged Carbon Surface Technology,” “3D 18K Carbon Fiber,” “QuadFlex 4 Layer Hybrid Surface,” and other technologies that show the brand is dedicated to research and development. 

Find a Brand That Knows Their Stuff

Pickleball exploded in 2020, but has been around since 1965! Many of the current most popular paddle brands have been around well before the sport’s explosion in 2020. Selkirk, ProLite, Engage, Paddletek, Onix, Gearbox, Armour, HEAD, Gamma, and more all got involved with the sport before it was the popular thing to play. While other brands like CRBN, JOOLA, and Diadem are relative “newcomers,” they have fully dedicated their business to pickleball. 

Are Pro or High-Level Players Using That Paddle or Brand? 

It’s pretty safe to say that if you see a professional or high-level player playing with a particular brand, you’re in good hands. There is a big difference between the construction and materials of rec-level paddles and top-notch products, so if you’re seeing it in the hands of an elite pickleballer, it’s a good sign that the brand is high quality! 


Those are four ways to determine if you're getting a paddle that can carry you toward your pickleball dreams, or one that you’ll outgrow before you can get there! Choosing a pickleball paddle can be overwhelming, but our Paddle Experts can help! Whether it be our Paddle Coach or just a nudge in the right direction, give us a call or text 1-866-382-3465, email us at, or utilize our live chat to speak with a Paddle Expert today. We’re JustPaddles, and we’re with you from Click to Court!

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