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Gearbox Pro Series Pickleball Paddles Review

Gearbox Pro Series

All Technology. Every Shot. 

Introducing the most technologically advanced pickleball paddles ever created by Gearbox Pickleball. If you know anything about Gearbox, you know that’s saying a lot! Drum roll, and enter the Pro Series. Consisting of a Pro Power and a Pro Control, both available in an elongated and standard shape, Gearbox has created a one-piece construction, carbon fiber design, and possibly, their best paddle series yet. In this article, the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles outline everything you need to know and more about one of the most sought-after pickleball paddles in the game. 

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Gearbox Pro Series Paddle Review

It’s clear from our several interviews with Gearbox’s Founder, CEO, and Lead Engineer Rafael Filipinni, that his goal is to exceed industry standards with new technologies and forward-thinking innovation that will have an immediate positive impact on a player’s game. By all indications, they’ve hit it out of the park with the Pro Series. Watch and listen as the man behind the creation of these pickleball paddles talks about how they have separated themselves from the pack. For other interviews, make sure to give Zero Zero Start: A Pickleball Podcast presented by the team at JustPaddles a listen on your favorite podcasting network. 

Gearbox Pro Series vs. CX14 Series

Gearbox has added five patent-pending technologies to help in the following key areas: power, control, spin, sweet spot, and noise reduction. 

  1. PrecisionCore Technology - more control, more sweet shots, more points! Patent-pending Precision Core Technology optimizes the paddle core’s density, creating a massive sweet spot with superior accuracy and consistency for precise shot performance.
  2. Smart Dampen Technology - for the best feeling paddle possible.  The Smart Dampen proprietary process reduces paddle vibration, delivering a plush controlled touch for enhanced comfort and shot mastery.
  3. TXR Surface Grip Technology - the ball has never spun so much! Experience a spin revolution with TXR Surface Grip. This new, patent-pending texture application technology catapults spin rate levels and unlocks incredible ball grip, allowing you to effortlessly shape and spin the ball.
  4. Flexplay Technology - for all-around playability, control, and accuracy. Flexplay's proprietary manufacturing method refines carbon fiber dynamics, optimizing torsional resistance, blending moments, flex, and responsiveness to create a tailored paddle performance and play experience.
  5. Quiet Tech Sound Technology - less noise, fewer problems! Quiet Tech Sound technology creates a lower decibel, lower frequency sound standard, and is ideal for noise-restricted communities. Plus your opponent will be challenged in deciphering between a stealthy dink or a power shot.

Meet the Gearbox Pro Series 

Gearbox Pro Power Elongated Pickleball Paddle 

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After hitting all four paddles, we’re putting the Pro Power Elongated at the top of the Pro Power food chain as the best paddle in the line. Simply put, it’s got it all. Whether you’re a power player or a player that needs power, the Pro Power E doesn’t lack in any category. Power is a given, but a large sweet spot and stability from an elongated paddle are hard to beat. This paddle's high level of control is just the icing on the cake. 

Gearbox Pro Power Fusion (Standard) Pickleball Paddle

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A little less juice, but a little more control. If you’re in the market for a power paddle that offers maximum control from a standard shape, the Pro Power Fusion is a must. With all the same added technologies as the Elongated version, just a different shape for a more classic style of play, the Pro Power Fusion is a next-level option for a power player looking to level up their control. 

Gearbox Pro Control Elongated Pickleball Paddle

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A little lighter, a little less boost, but more maneuverability with extreme accuracy. The Pro Control Elongated is the more powerful of the two Control models, offering the same length and width specs as the Pro Power Elongated, with less mass to generate power. If you’re a player who can bring their own heat and is looking to increase your ability to paint the lines, take a shot with the Pro Control Elongated. 

Gearbox Pro Control Fusion (Standard) Pickleball Paddle 

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Max control and max potential to drop dimes. A player in the market for the highest level of control will definitely need to look at the Gearbox Pro Control Fusion. With the same technologies and principles as the Elongated Pro Control, just the standard shape, the Control Fusion ranks the highest in control among all of the Pro Series models. Need placement over power? Here’s your paddle! 


From power to touch, there is a Gearbox paddle that is sure to work for you. Take your pickleball game to the next level with one (or a couple) of the pickleball paddles on the list above and become the king or queen of your local court. If you need further guidance, check out our Paddle Buying Guide for tips on how to choose the right paddle for you. You can also reach out to our Paddle Experts, and we can help find the perfect pickleball paddle for you! Call us at 866-382-3465, Chat Here, or shoot us an email at We’re here for you from Click To Court!


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