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How To Clean Your Pickleball Paddle Quickly

How To Clean Your Pickleball Paddle

Cleaning your pickleball paddles is quick and easy! With a few small, preventative measures, your pickleball paddle will play to its full potential and last longer. You may ask yourself why you even need to clean your pickleball paddle and the answer is fairly straightforward. 

Most pickleball paddles are constructed with a textured hitting surface. This textured hitting surface allows the player to generate spin. Ball rotation is often generated by the textured surface biting into the ball, creating spin on the player’s pickleball shot. When a pickleball comes up to your paddle it brings with it dirt from the court surface and this dirt, if not removed, sticks to the textured surface of the pickleball paddle.

If your pickleball paddle is not cleaned regularly, it can cause the textured surface to lose its texture, resulting in a decrease in the ability to generate spin and lower overall performance. Who wouldn’t want to have their pickleball paddle perform to its full potential? With some minimal effort, you can make sure your paddle remains in tip top shape! Cleaning a paddle is easy.  Take a look below at how we like to keep our pickleball paddles clean and in their 5.0 playing condition! 

Tips To Clean Your Pickleball Paddle

Below you will find the best ways to keep your pickleball paddle clean and performing at the highest level.

Use Paddle Erasers

To clean your paddle we first want to recommend using a paddle eraser. You may ask "What is a paddle eraser?". A paddle eraser is a specifically designed rubber product to clean the surface of your carbon fiber pickleball. When you make contact with the ball, fibers of the plastic, along with dirt and grime from the court, accumulate on the face of the paddle. Over time, build up sticks to the face of the paddle making for less spin you are able to generate. Now you can easily get rid of the unwanted fibers building up on your pickleball paddle with a paddle eraser. To use gently rub the face of the paddle with a paddle eraser. Take a look below at one of the commonly used paddle eraser's from CRBN Pickleball!

Don't have a paddle eraser yet? Don't worry use a  slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Avoid using any household cleaners that can leave a sticky residue on your pickleball paddle. These will just accumulate more dirt and grime next time you are on the court. With the slightly damp, lint-free cloth, wipe off any dirt that may have stuck to your pickleball paddle surface. I would also recommend wiping the edge guard of your paddle to ensure any excess dirt has not built up along the edge guard. 

Clean Your Grip

This may seem strange but in order to lengthen the lifespan of your grip, it’s best to make sure it remains clean after every use. Over time, your pickleball paddle grip can hold onto dirt and even dead skin! Take a few minutes after your next match to wipe down your grip with a towel or cloth. Not only will this get all the dirt and debris off your pickleball paddle grip, but it will also preserve your grip. Over time, you may start to notice the grip has lost its cushion or tackiness. This is an easy fix and you can do it home! 

Bring Your Bag Inside

If you live in beautiful, temperate weather all year round, this may not apply to you. Unfortunately for some of us, we are braving all elements to get a game in. No matter the weather, we want you to hit the courts but we suggest that once that game is over, bring your bag inside. Extremely cold weather can make your pickleball paddle brittle and increases the chances of your paddle breaking or cracking. On hot summer days, you will want to bring your pickleball paddle inside as well. On those scorching days, avoid laying your pickleball paddle on the court as the heat can make the pickleball paddle face softer. 

Avoid Water

While most courts are landlocked, you should always avoid submerging your paddle in water. Pickleball paddles are made from honeycomb core and if submerged, can trap water inside the paddle. Finishing a game and it’s starting to rain? I wouldn’t worry about the water getting trapped in the honeycomb as long as it’s not for an extended period of time. Expert Tip: If it is starting to rain and you’re wanting to finish your game, slide your pickleball paddle under your shirt in between points to shield your paddle from the rain.

Wear and Tear

Are your graphics starting to fade on the face of your pickleball paddle?  This is completely normal with pickleball paddles and will happen to all paddles over time. This is caused by consistent ball contact with the pickleball. We just hope that the graphics are fading right in the sweet spot of the pickleball paddle ( where all of the balls are hopefully making contact)! Check out Pickleskins to Protect your Game! 


Next time you are finishing up at your courts, instead of keeping your pickleball paddle bag in your car, bring it inside and be sure to clean your paddle. Over time you will notice the difference and ultimately it will help your paddle last longer and perform at its highest level! 


Looking for the perfect pickleball paddle? There are hundreds of paddles on the market, which is why we have an entire page dedicated to Pickleball Paddle Reviews! If you need more information, give us a call at 1-866-382-3465, email us (, or utilize our LIVE CHAT to speak with an Expert today. We’re JustPaddles, and we’re with you from Click to Court!


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