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Pickleball Player Profile: Jessie Irvine

Jessie Irvine Player Profile

D.O.B: 6/22/89

Hometown: Cary, NC 

Paddle Sponsor: Engage Pickleball

Paddle: Engage Pursuit Pro MX

Instagram Handle: @jessie.i.irvine

Fun Fact: Jessie always does her hair in her recognizable double bun before matches. 

Jessie Irvine is a professional pickleball player from Cary, North Carolina. A former semi-pro tennis player, Jessie gave up her professional tennis career because of a unique shoulder injury that prevented her from hitting overheads without pain. She began her charge to the top of the pickleball world in 2018, turned pro in early 2019, and hasn’t looked back since. Quickly becoming one of the world’s best, Jessie’s fierce competitiveness landed her atop professional podiums across the country. Jessie’s style is described as one of the smoothest in the world, as she tracks down balls and resets with ease. One of the most respected players in all of pickleball, you can find Jessie all over the PPA Tour and Major League Pickleball swinging her favorite Engage pickleball paddle.   

Jessie Irvine's Paddle of Choice 

An Engage sponsored player, Jessie has chosen to use the Pursuit Pro MX Paddle this tour season. Middleweight with a carbon fiber face that blends power, control, and spin, and a super soft polymer core - this elongated paddle checks every box any pickleball player is after and is truly a former tennis player’s dream. To top it all off, a generous sweet spot presents the opportunity to stay in rallies longer, even on mishits.

  • Paddle Weight: Middleweight - 8.1 - 8.4 oz
  • Paddle Face Material: Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber with Next Generation Inner Application Layer
  • Paddle Core Material: Control Pro Black Polymer Core
  • Paddle Shape: Elongated
  • Core Thickness: 12.7 mm
  • Paddle Length: 16 ½”
  • Paddle Width: 7 1/2''
  • Grip Size: Standard - 4 3/8"
  • Handle Length: Long - 5 3/4"

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About Engage 

Engage Pickleball is a US-based manufacturer that takes pickleball paddles to the next level.  From design to innovation, every step of the Engage paddle production process is done by Engage engineers in the United States. Engage works with US-based suppliers to develop new core components and processes which they then take into their own manufacturing plant to design, engineer, and build cutting edge paddles. With one of the longest tenures in pickleball, Engage is well known as one of the most popular and trusted brands in the sport.


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