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4 Best Pickleball Paddles Under $50

best pickleball paddles under $50

If you’re just getting started with pickleball and are looking for a paddle to quickly get you on the court to see what this sport is all about, we wish you luck! This is the beginning of what will most likely become a healthy addiction that consumes your Spring, Summer, Fall, and maybe even some Winter evenings. With that said, let’s get back to buying quality pickleball paddles for under $50

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When buying a pickleball paddle, there are a lot of factors you’ll want to consider. Generally, the more expensive the paddle, the more specific you will likely become when choosing it. But for now, we recommend taking a look at these three categories to get a quality, well-rounded paddle for a low price. Remember that choosing the perfect paddle can be subjective and so they are listed in alphabetical order below. 


Choosing a reputable pickleball brand is always a good place to start. 

Paddle Materials:

It’s important to understand that less expensive paddles won’t always have the most premium materials. Checking out materials like graphite, carbon fiber, fiberglass, composite, and other high-end materials will offer everything you need in a great paddle. 

Paddle Weight:

Some less-expensive paddles are made of wood or cheaper metallic materials, making the paddle very heavy. When looking for an inexpensive paddle, consider finding a paddle within 7.0-8.5 ounces to maximize the versatility of the paddle. 

Pickleball Paddle options under $50 (in alphabetical order). 

Diadem Hero

Utilizing the same HMT fiber as the higher-end Riptide line, the Diadem Hero is lightweight, easy to swing, and offers everything a new player needs to compete. The thick edge guard prevents damage as you battle. An 8 mm honeycomb core provides ample feel and touch, and power will be easy to come by with a fiberglass hitting surface. The next pickleball champion starts here!

  • Paddle Weight: 7.6 (+/- .25) oz
  • Paddle Face Material: Composite HMT Fiberglass
  • Paddle Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb

Gamma Quest

The GAMMA Quest has a fiberglass hitting surface and a polypropylene core - two characteristics found in many $200+ paddles! It features an average weight of 7.80oz and is considered a middleweight pickleball paddle, the most-popular weight class in pickleball paddles. The GAMMA Quest is an affordable paddle that is a great option for players looking to get into pickleball or play at a high level without breaking the bank!

  • Paddle Weight: 7.8 (+/- .25) oz
  • Paddle Face Material: Fiberglass
  • Paddle Core Material: Polypropylene

Oneshot X 


Looking for an aerodynamic, lightweight paddle to bring to your court? The Oneshot X Lightweight Composite Pickleball Paddle is the paddle for you! This is a great option for any player looking for an affordable, maneuverable option that offers touch and feel. The classic paddle shape will give you the comfort of a traditional pickleball paddle, and with a fiberglass hitting surface and a poly core, you’re getting a true “player’s paddle.”

  • Paddle Weight: 7.2 - 7.3 oz
  • Paddle Face Material: Fiberglass Composite
  • Paddle Core Material: Polypropylene


The PROLITE Bolt features a carbon fiber face and a polypropylene honeycomb core. The slightly textured surface helps spin the ball. This is a terrific pickleball paddle for players of any style and level. The hitting surface is powerful and textured to help maximize spin. For those playing in a neighborhood, the soft poly core also offers quiet play.

  • Paddle Weight: 7.4 - 8.0 oz
  • Paddle Face Material: Carbon Fiber with textured Polycarbonate
  • Paddle Core Material: 10 mm Polypropylene Honeycomb


If you need any further assistance choosing a paddle, we’re here to help! Do you have additional questions? Reach out to our Paddles Experts today. They are standing by and ready to help you find the right gear. Give them a call at 866-382-3465, email at, or click here to live chat. Don't forget, we're JustPaddles and we're with you from Click To Court. 

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