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Standard vs. Elongated Pickleball Paddles

Elongated vs Standard Pickleball Paddles

Are you starting to see a lot of new pickleball paddle shapes out on the court? We are! Gone are the days of only having to choose which color of paddle you'd like. Players have found that depending on your play and experience level, different shapes can make or break your chance at staying on the court. So how can you be certain which pickleball paddle shape works best for you? Our Paddle Experts are here to help! The best way to do this is to try out different shapes of paddles on the court. At JustPaddles, you can do that with any of our paddles using our Paddle Assurance Program. Now, for those wanting to get a winning paddle on 0-0-Start, let's dive into our breakdown comparing Elongated vs. Standard Shape Pickleball Paddles.

Paddle Assurance Program

When looking at what pickleball shape best fits your game, think about your play on the court. Where are the majority of your mishits coming from? Off the end? Maybe on the sides of your paddle or closer to your handle? What shots do you struggle with? While we don’t want to dwell on our past mistakes on the court, those mistakes can help any player help decide which pickleball paddle shape will bring them consistent success on the court. Below you can find a breakdown of which paddle shape, elongated or standard, will fit your game on the court.

Standard Shape Pickleball Paddles 

Sometimes what is most familiar can be best for you. Standard shape pickleball paddles are a perfect blend of power, control, and touch. Suited for any player, standard-shaped paddles will feel comfortable to first-time players or experienced professionals. Each model is typically between 15 ¾” - 16 '' long, and roughly 8” wide. You will also most commonly see grip lengths between 4 ½” and 5 ¼” on standard paddles. These are great for players looking to get into the sport of pickleball or players looking for a balance between sweet spot and reach. Find familiar comfort on the court with a standard-shaped pickleball paddle! 

Why should you try out a standard-shaped pickleball paddle?

  • Sweet spot that  is in both length and width (centered)
  • A blend of power, control, and touch
  • Grip length is ideal for the everyday player
  • First-time to longtime pros will be able to use it effectively

Elongated Shape Pickleball Paddles 

Have you tried an elongated paddle yet? This design is one of the newer trends in pickleball. Elongated paddles are great and have really pushed the game, but are they for you? This design will have a length greater than 16’’ and a width less than 8’’. Elongated paddle shapes, generally, are for a more experienced player. Due to their longer length and slimmer width, a player just getting into the sport of pickleball may have more mishits. On the other hand, an experienced player is going to love the performance and reach on an elongated paddle shape. Reach at the kitchen, power on overhead lobs, and even a little more clearance on an ATP attempt. Additionally, players transitioning from tennis will find a very familiar comfort in an elongated pickleball paddle shape. Elongated pickleball paddles have made their way to the professional ranks and are here to stay on all courts!

Why should you try out an elongated pickleball paddle

  • Sweet spots are generally toward the end of the paddle.
  • Performance paddles made to take your game to the top court
  • Grips length can vary, but a player with a two-handed backhand generally will find comfort
  • Generally, experienced players will have more success than a first-time player

When it comes to choosing your paddle shape to take to your court, think about your game, and don’t fall into someone else’s paddle hype. Pick the paddle shape for you and your game! You are going to love both elongated and standard paddle shapes as long as you are on the court, but think about the shots that you keep missing, and let's change that.


Still rallying back and forth in your head on which paddle shape to go with? We’ve got you covered! Read our Paddle Buying Guide, shop our pickleball paddles that come with a 30-day Free Trial, or click here to try our Paddle Coach. We'll curate a hand-picked list of paddles that are perfect for you. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or requests, let our Paddle Experts help! They are standing by and can be reached at 866-382-3465, email at, or you can click here to live chat. We are JustPaddles and we're here for you from Click To Court!

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