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  • Paddle Weight: 8.2 - 8.6 oz

  • Paddle Face Material: Composite

  • Paddle Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb

  • Paddle Shape: Elongated

  • Paddle Length: 16 1/2''

  • Paddle Width: 7 1/2''

  • Grip Size: Standard - 4 1/4

  • Handle Length: 5 1/2''

  • Colorway: Signature Daniel De La Rosa Colorway

  • Core Thickness: 13 mm


Vulcan Paddle Candy Daniel De La Rosa Heavyweight Composite Pickleball Paddle

The Vulcan Paddle Candy Daniel De La Rosa Heavyweight Composite Pickleball Paddle features the colorful "Sugar Skull" artwork that complements its versatile and touch-centric benefits. Made in partnership with highly-ranked professional (in both pickleball and racquetball) Daniel De La Rosa, this design uses Vulcan's popular shape with an elongated handle and tapered neck to allow for a large range of of shots and an aerodynamic feel. The artwork and De La Rosa rose to serve as an homage to Daniel's Mexican heritage.

Paddle Benefits

The Daniel De La Rosa Signature Edition Pickleball Paddle has a 13mm polymer core that resists deformation and provides a soft touch and able to attack opponents. The paddle face material is a composite fiberglass blend, well-suited to perform both soft control shots and aggressive power shots. The Daniel De La Rosa will feature a long paddle handle at 5 1/2", offering room for two-handed shots great for tennis players. A 4 1/4" grip circumference mixes cushioning and control. The paddle's width is 7 1/2", and overall length is 16 1/2" to facilitate reach and providing the face ample surface area for the sweet spot to shine. At a weight range of 8.2 to 8.6 oz., the De La Rosa paddle's weight distribution is so well it feels and plays like a much lighter paddle, great for players looking to add weight without losing battles at the kitchen line.


Vulcan has you covered and offers a Limited 1-year Manufacturer's warranty on this paddle. This warranty protects against workmanship and manufacturer defects. All Vulcan pickleball paddles are covered by a 30-day satisfaction-guaranteed playtest. If you get this pickleball paddle and experience any structural or performance trouble on it, be sure and let the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles know your experience. The Paddle Experts are trained in product knowledge and will be happy to get you the information for starting a warranty claim with Vulcan.


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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Vulcan Paddle Candy Daniel De La Rosa Heavyweight Composite Pickleball Paddle? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

About the Brand

Founded in 2015, Vulcan Sporting Goods Co.™ takes design very seriously. From the beginning with the iconic “Old Glory” pattern, Vulcan connects style with innovation. The Vulcan Team believes, at the core, in the simple logic of creating fresh products with relevant aesthetics. By continually producing new designs and influencing new market trends, Vulcan helps athletes express style and personality while pushing performance.

Paddle Properties

Vulcan Paddle Candy Daniel De La Rosa Heavyweight Composite Pickleball Paddle
Color White
Core Material Polypropylene
Core Thickness Thin
Deals Personalization Eligible Sale
Experience Level Professional
Face Material Composite
Grip Size Standard (4 1/8" - 4 3/8")
Handle Length Short
Paddle Shape Elongated
Paddle Weight Middleweight
Player Type Balanced
Series Paddle Candy
Vendor Vulcan
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