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The Top 5 Best Pickleball Accessories

Best Pickleball Accessories

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a 5-nights a weeker, or an avid tournament goer, having your bag efficiently stocked with the necessary pickleball accessories is a must. You've already purchased the best pickleball paddle and now you're looking for the next best thing to improve your game. In this article, the Paddle Experts at JustPaddles cover the five (5) must-have pickleball accessories to keep in your bag and the best options within each category. Before we begin, here's an overview of what to expect: 

  1. Pickleballs
  2. Backpacks
  3. Grips
  4. Paddle Covers
  5. Edge Guard Tape

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Best Pickleball Accessories


Don’t be “that person.” The one that uses everyone else’s pickleballs and never supplies any! We have several options to choose from in different-sized packs so you can do your part in the great battle of “who’s bringing the balls?!”

Dura Pickleballs

Dura Pickleballs

Used in the majority of tournaments across the country, Dura balls quickly and concretely cemented themselves as the premium ball in pickleball. If you need an easy go-to, go with the Onix Dura balls. These are available as an add-on with every pickleball paddle. Simply add it to your cart before checkout!

Franklin Pickleballs

Playing very similar to the Dura ball, Franklin pickleballs have become increasingly popular for their solid and consistent bounce, bright visuals, and ability to hold up in cold climates. These are also available as an add-on with every pickleball paddle. Simply add it to your cart before checkout!

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Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleballs


Pickleball Backpacks

For those players trying to balance their pickleball paddles, water bottle, pickleballs, an extra shirt, sun screen (you get the point), we’d recommend a pickleball backpack. Many pickleball backpacks are designed specifically for pickleball, and make it a lot easier to shuffle to the courts with your gear. There are many great backpacks to choose from on the market, but here are two that we love:

Gearbox Court Collection Pickleball Backpack

Gearbox Court Collection Pickleball Backpack

Loved for its utility, versatility, and comfort, the Gearbox Court Backpack is a great option for any player! For those demanding the most out of their bag, this pickleball backpack is the one for you. Room for everything you need and more - take the court with style and show off your style with the multiple color options. 


Overgrips & Replacement Grips

If your hands tend to sweat a lot, or you’re hard on your pickleball paddles, it’s always a great idea to have at least two or three backup overgrips when you or your partner are in need. Overgrips are a thin, easy-to-apply grip that is installed over the existing “replacement” grip. If you need help applying one to your paddle, make sure to read our article on How to Regrip Your Pickleball Paddle. Or, watch Paddle Expert Ben go through the simple six-step process below. 

Here are two of our favorite options to keep you securely stuck to your paddle.

Pickleskins Thin Sliced Overgrip

Pickleskins Thin Sliced Overgrip 3-Pack

Pickled to perfection, this thinly sliced overgrip is sized to fit any pickleball paddle. It features a 0.6mm overgrip thickness for optimal comfort on your paddle. Each pack contains three overgrips and offers an easy and fun way to add style to your paddle. These are available as an add-on with every pickleball paddle. Simply add it to your cart before checkout!

Pickleskins Break and Butter Replacement Grips

Pickleskins Bread and Butter Replacement Grips

Get ready to dill out some amazing shots for a game-changing grip that sticks like a pickle to a bun! These are available as an add-on with every pickleball paddle. Simply add it to your cart before checkout! 

Pickleball Paddle Covers

Pickleskins Dill-fender Paddle Cover

Protect your paddle and keep your investment safe with a Pickleskins Dill-fender Paddle Cover. Available in a variety of colors, this design offers players a lightweight option that can safely store your favorite pickleball paddle. Next time you pull out your paddle from the bag, make sure it is covered with a Pickleskins Paddle Cover. Stronger than natural rubber, this thick and stretchy neoprene cover protects your paddle from chips, knicks, scratches, and celebratory spills. These are available as an add-on with every pickleball paddle. So, pick one up with your next purchase and add it to your cart before checkout.

Pickleball Paddle Edge Guard Tape 

Pickleskins Knight in Briny Armour Edge Guard Tape 3-Pack

Swing away without consequences when you use this durable edge guard tape that's designed for all pickleball paddle thicknesses. Loaded with performance and style, the Pickleskins Paddle Edge Guard Tape will have your paddle standing out on the court, and it's the only thing between your paddle and a long, slow death. At 31'' in length and 1'' in width, it will fit most pickleball paddles, so forget taping your edge guard down with basic tape.


If you have any questions, our Paddle Experts are standing by. You can give them a call at 866-382-3465, email at, or click here to live chat. We're JustPaddles and we're with you from Click to Court!


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